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Tuition fee

Preparatory Department 2000US$

Accommodation 800US$

Medical Fields

Bachelor (English) – from 4000 US$

(Russian) – 3000US$

Post Graduate, Masters, Clinical Residency – 4000US$

Other Fields

Bachelor (English) – from 3300US$

(Russian) – 3500US$

Post Graduate, Masters, Clinical Residency – from 3300US$

Other Expenses for every year:

Medical Insurance: 150 US$

Visa Extention: 100 US$

Medical Checkup: 50 US$

Other Expenses for the first year:

Registration Fee: 400 US$

Admission Fee: 400 US$

Administrative Fee: 400 US$

Contractor Service charges: 600 US$

Certification and Equalization of Educational documents from Ministry of Education 400US$

Admission 2019-2020 in Chechen State University is open!