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Scientific Work

On the annual contest “The best research work of the student”
1. General Provisions
1.1. Regulations on the competition “The best research work of students in the humanities, natural sciences” in
VPO “Chechen State University” (the Regulations) have been developed in accordance with Federal Law
22.08.1996g. “125-FZ” On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education “, the charter of the Chechen State
1.2. This provision defines the purpose, objectives, organization of the contest “Best research work
students in the humanities, the natural sciences “(the contest) and the selection criteria of the Competition winners.
1.3. The founder of the Competition is the rector of VPO “Chechen State University.”
1.4. The competition among the students of the Chechen State University is announced annually by order of the rector of VPO
“The Chechen State University.”
1.5. Manual contest carries vice-rector for scientific and organizational work.
2. Aims and objectives of the Contest
2.1. The development of the research activity of students in the University;
2.2. The education of future professionals the ability to self-education, self-improvement, deepening and operating time theoretical knowledge in order to use them in practice;
2.3. The development of scientific creativity and intellectual potential of students, to ensure the unity of teaching and research processes.
2.4. Joining a larger number of students through research work to take part in scientific and practical
conferences (regional, national and international levels).
2.5. The awakening of interest among the participants to the scientific rivalry, substantiated request to prove the necessity and the importance of the proposed project.
2.6. Raising students’ creative attitude to learning and their profession through research work.
3. Conditions of participation
3.1. In the competition for the “Best research work of the student of the year” is open to students of full-time and part-time forms of studying on a budgetary and contract basis.
3.2. The competition presented the research work carried out in the last calendar year.
4. Submission of works
4.1. The contest may be submitted theses, research papers, research papers, providing scientific
novelty obtained scientific and (or) scientific and technical result, or achievement.
4.2. Each research project can be directed to the contest only once.
4.3. The selection of research projects on the “best research work of the student of the year” in the field of
Humanitarian / Natural Sciences held the decision of the Academic Council of the Faculty / Institute for representation and coordination departments, and based on its results in the management of post-graduate and research innovations the University sent the next set materials:
a) scientific research;
b) abstract work;
c) an extract from the meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty, Institute for nomination to the contest;
g) information about the author, indicating the name, surname, patronymic, specialty courses (faculties and institutes).
4.4. The submitted works should include title page, the main part, bibliography.
4.5. The competition served the work in print and electronic form on the support USB flash-drive, created in Word format
(Font Times New Roman, font size 14, single interval; field: levoe- 25 mm, right – 15 mm, top – 20 mm, bottom
– 20 mm to the page numbers, footnotes at the bottom of the page, font size 12, footnotes, single spaced).
Attached to the drawings, tables, illustrations should be arranged on a sheet of A4 standard format. To work
may be attached to the acts on the implementation of scientific results.
5.Poryadok review of scientific research
5.1 Scientific councils faculty / University Institute carried out and reviewing the nomination submitted to the contest scientific papers.
5.2 When reviewing and evaluating the submitted projects Faculty / Institute Academic Council gives priority to
the following criteria:
– The relevance of the work;
– The level of scientific novelty and significance;
– The originality of ideas;
– Obtained science or the scientific and technical results and the level of recognition;
– Innovative features of the project.
5.3 Research and development does not meet the criteria of competitive selection for the contest is not nominated.
5.4 The Scientific Council of the Faculty / Institute is the Scientific and Technical Council of the Chechen State University an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the nominating research projects to participate in the Contest.
6. The procedure of awarding the winners
6.1 Scientific Coordination Council of the Chechen State University makes the discussion and selection of winners
6.2. The winners are awarded diplomas and monetary awards.
6.3. Summa award winners determined by the rector of the Chechen State University by the order.
6.4. Announcement and awarding of winners will take place during the annual final scientific-practical conference
6.5 The best scientific work recommended for publication.
6.6 Research Projects Competition laureates may be recommended by the Academic Council FGBOU VPO “Chechen
State University “to participate in international, national and regional competitions and conferences.

Center for Scientific and Technical Information and Forecasting of Chechen State University

The Center for Scientific and Technical Information and Forecasting (CSTIP) of the federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education “Chechen State University” is an independent structural unit of the University, established by order of the University Rector.

The purpose of creating the CSTIP is the need to ensure the formation and effective use of scientific and technical information resources at of Chechen State University and information support for the processes of forecasting the development of science and technology, specifying priorities and the list of critical technologies by of Chechen State University research teams.

The work of the CSTIP is carried out in close contact with the heads of the relevant structural divisions of Chechen State University.

The main activities of the TISC of Chechen State University

Provision of services that, in accordance with the Agreement, are provided on the basis of a modular approach, starting from a basic level, and further – in accordance with the needs of local users, including some or all of the following services:

Access to patent and non-patent databases of FIPS of Chechen State University;

Assistance in finding technical information when conducting patent research based on databases.


Additional services:

Training in conducting database searches;

Providing general information on intellectual property law;

Informing about the possibility of obtaining expert advice on intellectual property;

Basic licensing guidelines.


Scientific and Technical Council of Chechen State University

The main goal of creating a scientific and technical council (STC) of Chechen State University is to provide conditions for the effective management of scientific and innovative activities of Chechen State University with the involvement of its scientific community in solving the tasks of organizing such activities and, in particular, assessing the quality of research units, using the results of research activities national economy, educational and scientific-production process and ensuring the conditions for the most complete satisfaction of scientific and socio-economical interests of research teams and research departments of Chechen State University.

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