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Research Departments

Scientific and educational centers CSU
1.NOTS “Polyglot”
Head of SEC – Abuyeva Milan Side Selimovna

2.NOTS “Improving the quality of training in the legal industry”
Head of SEC – Nintsieva Tamil Magomedovna

3. REC “Management of regional economy»
Head of SEC – Chazhaev Muslim Ibrahimovic

4.NOTS “Modern medical and bioengineering technologies”
Head NOTS- Ochcharkhadzhiev Sultan Beksoltovich

5.NOTS “Studies of the regional economy”
Head of SEC – Reshiev Sultan Saypudinovich

6.NOTS “Software of computer systems”
Head of SEC Umarkhadzhiev Salaudin Musaevich

7. REC “Magnetism nanosystems in Condensed Matter”
Head of SEC – Umhaeva Zargan Saypudinovna

8.NOTS “The development of innovative technology solutions of information, research and economic problems”
Head of SEC – Khadzhimuradov MA

9. REC “Environmental physiology”
Head of SEC – Atayeva Aminat Ahmedovna

10.NOTS “Regional environmental strategy”
Head of SEC – Ubaeva Razet Shahidovna

Department of Research of Chechen State University

The activities of the Research and Development Administration (UNID) are aimed at structural and managerial optimization of the research work of Chechen State University. The main tasks of the UNID of Chechen State University are: integration of university, academic and industry science, interdisciplinary integration of scientific efforts of all scientific departments into a single system for raising the level and increasing the volume of fundamental and applied research of university scientists, integration into the Russian and international scientific community, commercialization of scientific and technical activities scientific potential of creative youth, organization and technical support of scientific events, organization of training and raising professional level of Chechen State University staff, counseling managers and employees of structural divisions of Chechen State University, on matters within the competence of the Office.


– organization and control of information and information technology support for the activities of the UNID;

– ensuring Chechen State University’s relations with external organizations and institutions, including:

– development of programs for the development of partnerships of Chechen State University with scientific and educational centers;

– development and implementation of the program for the internationalization of Chechen State University scientific and educational activities;

– The organization of Chechen State University participation in grant competitions, exhibitions, conferences;

– organization of preparation and holding of scientific conferences, symposia, seminars held by Chechen State University;

– work on planning, organizing research and development projects and on relations with universities in Russia and the near and far abroad;

– monitoring the implementation of programs and cooperation agreements.

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