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Research departments

Scientific and educational centers CSU
1.NOTS “Polyglot”
Head of SEC – Abuyeva Milan Side Selimovna

2.NOTS “Improving the quality of training in the legal industry”
Head of SEC – Nintsieva Tamil Magomedovna

3. REC “Management of regional economy┬╗
Head of SEC – Chazhaev Muslim Ibrahimovic

4.NOTS “Modern medical and bioengineering technologies”
Head NOTS- Ochcharkhadzhiev Sultan Beksoltovich

5.NOTS “Studies of the regional economy”
Head of SEC – Reshiev Sultan Saypudinovich

6.NOTS “Software of computer systems”
Head of SEC Umarkhadzhiev Salaudin Musaevich

7. REC “Magnetism nanosystems in Condensed Matter”
Head of SEC – Umhaeva Zargan Saypudinovna

8.NOTS “The development of innovative technology solutions of information, research and economic problems”
Head of SEC – Khadzhimuradov MA

9. REC “Environmental physiology”
Head of SEC – Atayeva Aminat Ahmedovna

10.NOTS “Regional environmental strategy”
Head of SEC – Ubaeva Razet Shahidovna

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