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Normal and pathological physiology

The Department of Normal and Pathological Physiology is one of the first departments of the Medical Faculty of the Chechen-Ingush State University, opened in 1990. Her first head was MD, Professor Bulat Akhmadovich Visaitov.

For many years he headed the medical faculty and, as dean, did a lot for the formation and development of the faculty of Chechen State University, and for the department as a whole. In 2003, the department of normal and pathological physiology was reorganized. The disciplines included normal physiology, histology, and pathological anatomy, and from 2003 to 2011 the department was headed by Musa Alievich Dalsaev, a candidate of medical sciences, who held the position of professor at the department. He also worked as chief physician at the Republican Narcological Dispensary. Due to the wide outlook, diverse scientific interests was widely known not only in the republic, but also abroad. Musa Alievich was the author of dozens of monographs, educational and teaching aids, hundreds of scientific articles, both in Russian and in English. Dalsaev M.A. strengthened the material and technical base of the department, which, when he was the head of the department, was mostly located in the premises of the Republican Narcological Dispensary. He established scientific relations of the department with medical universities of the North Caucasus region, concluded in 2009 an agreement on scientific cooperation with the Research Institute of Normal Physiology. P.I. Anokhin.

After a serious illness, M.A. Dalsaev died in November 2011. From this time until August 2018, the department was headed by K.S. Akhmedova, Candidate of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor. From September 2018, the Department is headed by Andrey Adrov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.

After the last reorganization in 2013, the department trains students in two disciplines – normal physiology and pathological physiology and has the same name. Currently, the following employees work at the department: Adrov Andrey Valerievich – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Director; Louise Najmudinovna Yusupova – associate professor; Khatuyev Adam Ganievich – candidate of medical science, associate professor; Guliyeva Zalina Saydovna-candidate of medical sciences, associate professor; Gapaeva Sanu Umarovna-assistant; Bakhaeva Asya Vakhaevna-assistant; Makhamaeva Elina Khasanovna – document specialist.

In recent years, the material and technical base of the department has improved significantly: equipment has been acquired that allows for laboratory work and practical training in departmental disciplines at the proper methodological level. Two educational and scientific laboratories were created. The general scientific theme of the department of Chechen State University is “Physiology and pathology of stress.” Within the framework of this topic, scientific studies are conducted by A.V. Adrov, L.N. Yusupova, as well as the work of students – members of the physiological circle.

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