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Institute of General Philology

Departments of General Philology Institute:

  • Russian (Head Professor Halidov M.I.);
  • World and National Literature (Head Associate Professor Inarkaeva S.I.)
  • Chechen Philology (Head Associate Professor of Soltakhanov I.E.);
  • General Linguistics (Head Professor Ovhadov M.R.);
  • Journalism (Senior Lecturer Bachaev A.A.);
  • Pedagogy and Psychology (Head Associate Professor Azhiev M.V.);
  • Acting (Head Assistant professor Marisultanov A.I.).

Today, the Institute trains specialists in the following areas:

  • Russian Language and Literature (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Chechen language and literature, Russian language and literature (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Chechen language and literature, English language (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Journalism (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Psycho-pedagogical education (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Performing Arts (specialization).

Admission and training of bachelors¬† are available both full-time and part-time for all specialties except the specialization “Chechen language and literature, English language.” Education of students is conducted on the state budget and on the contract basis.

Theoretical courses are supplemented by folklore, dialectological, educational training and internships, which take place in schools, pre-school educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, the media of the Chechen Republic.

At various times, philological faculty has been managed by renowned scientists of the Chechen Republic, who have made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of the faculty: I.Y. Aliroev, F.G. Ozdoev, N.S. Bibulatov, L.Z .Shahgireev, M.R. Ovhadov, V.D. Timaev, N.N. Albekov.

From 1 March 2010, the Institute is headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Chechen Republic, Mahmud Kerimov Magomedovich.

The Faculty of Philology of Chechen State University prepares highly qualified linguists and literary critics who are freely oriented in Russian and foreign literature, Russian and European culture, are familiar with classical languages (Latin, Old Church Slavonic), and have skills in working with the most common types of text editors and translation automation tools. Students acquire the skills and abilities to work with texts in literary, linguistic and linguistic aspects of all levels of complexity in Russian, Chechen and English. Starting from the first course, students are widely involved in scientific projects and conferences. Our graduates are in demand in the system of science and education (universities, colleges, schools, research institutes), in the press (newspaper and magazine editorial offices, publishing houses, on radio and television), in public service (foreign ministry, archives, libraries, museums), in tourism agencies, domestic and foreign companies of different profiles. Fundamental philological and broad humanitarian studies allow graduates of the faculty to continue their education in postgraduate and doctoral studies, it is easy to master new additional and related professions.

The Russian Language Department of Chechen State University plays an important role in the implementation of the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of philology, including Russian language teachers and journalists. Along with the development of measures to improve the process of teaching future philologists, extensive research is underway on active processes occurring in modern Russian, and the problems of Russian-Chechen bilingualism are being studied. Scientists of the department of Chechen State University are actively involved in the preparation of educational and methodological literature for students, school teachers, and university professors. The main directions of research of teachers of the department: Russian phonetics, lexicology, and grammar, problems of linguistic typology, general and Caucasian linguistics, ecolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, linguistic, sociolinguistics, comparative study of Russian and Chechen languages, cognitive linguistics. Research activities of students specializing in the Russian language department of Chechen State University go beyond the scope of educational programs and include the participation of students in the work of scientific circles and seminars, problem groups, internal, intercollegiate and regional scientific student conferences. The chair is integrated into the republican general educational environment and takes an active part in the vocational guidance of high school students, in shaping their sustained interest in learning the Russian language. The Russian Language Department of Chechen State University is one of the graduating departments of the Faculty of Philology of Chechen State University.


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