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Institute of the Chechen and General Philology

Departments of the Chechen and General Philology Institute:

  • Russian (Head Professor Halidov M.I.);
  • World and National Literature (Head Associate Professor Inarkaeva S.I.)
  • Chechen Philology (Head Associate Professor of Soltakhanov I.E.);
  • General Linguistics (Head Professor Ovhadov M.R.);
  • Journalism (Senior Lecturer Bachaev A.A.);
  • Pedagogy and Psychology (Head Associate Professor Azhiev M.V.);
  • Acting (Head Assistant professor Marisultanov A.I.).

Today, the Institute trains specialists in the following areas:

  • Russian Language and Literature (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Chechen language and literature, Russian language and literature (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Chechen language and literature, English language (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Journalism (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Psycho – pedagogical education (Bachelor’s degree);
  • Performing Arts (specialization).

Admission and training of bachelors and specialists is available both full-time and part-time for all specialties except the specialization “Chechen language and literature, English language.” Education of students is conducted on the state budget and on contract basis.

Theoretical courses are supplemented by folklore, dialectological, educational training and internships, which take place in schools, pre-school educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, the media of the Chechen Republic.

At various times, philological faculty has been managed by renowned scientists of the Chechen Republic, who have made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of the faculty: I.Y. Aliroev, F.G. Ozdoev, N.S. Bibulatov, L.Z .Shahgireev, M.R. Ovhadov, V.D. Timaev, N.N. Albekov.

From 1 March 2010 the Institute is headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Chechen Republic, Mahmud Kerimov Magomedovich.

Admission 2018-2019 in Chechen State University is open!