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Institute of Further Professional Education

DPO Institute was established at the university in April 2003 as a DPO Center. In March 2006, the decision of the Academic Council of the CSU Center DPO DPO reorganized into the faculty and the PC. On September 1, 2013. It reorganized into the Institute of DPO.
The main objective of the Institute is to provide opportunities for additional professional education, establish the foundation for a successful adaptation to life in an ever-changing society.
The Institute functions include: training and retraining.
Professional refresher training is conducted on the basis of higher and secondary education, taking into account the profile of the education received. Normative term of passing the professional training of specialists with a diploma of the established sample, giving the right to conduct a new kind of professional activity, is more than 500 classroom hours. Training is carried out by correspondence or partial separation of production.
To date, conducted retraining on the following specialties at the Institute DPO:
Pedagogy and psychology;
Finance and credit;
Accounting, analysis and accounting;
State and municipal management.

Developed new advanced training program:
State and municipal management
Management of social and economic development of territories
Tools of a successful leader. Organisation and People Management
sales Training
Network Fundamentals and network operating systems
Computer courses for beginners
English. General Course (Pre-intermediate)
Arabic language. General Course (Elementary)
The state policy in the field of combating corruption.
Documentation and Documentation Management Software
Russia’s Accession to the WTO: Implications and change.
Conflicts and methods of overcoming
CISCO Network Design
Effective communication skills. Business communications
English. General Course (lntermediate)
Turkish language. . General Course ((Elementary)
Innovative control technology, the creation of “electronic government” and the provision of public and municipal services and electronic form.
Financial Management: Strategy and Tactics
Internal control and audit
Routers and switches CISCO
Creation of sites in HTML and CSS
English. General Course (Upper- Intermediate)
German. General Course (Elementary)
Accounting, taxation and report
The organization records and archival of state power and local self-government bodies
State policy in the sphere of combating corruption
The organization in the state bodies with public data
Accounting courses and 1C
Layout print and electronic media. Adobe InDesign CS6 \ CS5
Business English.
French. General Course (Elementary)
Reforming Regional and Municipal Finance
The budget system, the budget process, the participants of the budget process
State and municipal management
The issues of transparency of information about the activities of state bodies
Basics of 3D – modeling. Autodesk 3 ds MAX
Content Management Systems. development of sites on CMS WordPress ”
Conflict management in the civil and municipal service.
Improving the efficiency of public services
Improvement of the representative bodies of local self-government community organizations
Basic management skills
Content Management Systems. development of sites on CMS Joomla ”
Training of influence and the influence of opposition
Accounting organization in government bodies and the requirements applicable to the accounting at the present stage
State environmental management.
Public speaking skills (verbally improvisation)
Network Fundamentals and network operating systems
Courses Microsoft Office users
Time management
English. General Course (Advanced)
Management of complex development of the municipality
Effective communication skills

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