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Histology and Pathological anatomy

The department of Chechen State University was established in 1992 by separating the department of “Normal Human Anatomy and Histology.” The first head of this department is MD, associate professor Arsakhanova Gayna Abdullovna. In 2003, the department was reorganized and merged with the department of “Normal human anatomy with topographic surgery.” In 2006, the disciplines of this department were transferred to the Department of “Normal Physiology” and it was renamed the Department of “Normal Physiology with courses of histology and pathological anatomy.” In 2012, the Department of Histology, Cytology, Embryology and Pathological Anatomy was organized by separating the Department of Normal Physiology of Chechen State University with histology and pathological anatomy courses. The department operates SNO “Hippocrates”, “whose members actively participate in scientific conferences, competitions where they have repeatedly become winners.

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