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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

In 2007 the faculty of mathematics was renamed into Faculty of Mathematics and Computer science. There are 10 professors and 11 doctors who work at the faculty. The dean of the faculty is professor S.N. Askhabov.

Starting from the 80s of the previous century, there is a scientific seminar that works at the faculty of mathematics “Integral operators in functional spaces” which is supervised by a professor of CHSU Salaudin Musaevich Umarkhadgiev. There were not only representatives from institutions of the Chechen Republic at the seminar, but also famous scientists from other cities of Russia and Ukraine: professors N.K.Karapetyants, V.S. Rabinovich, S.G.Samko(Rostov-on-Don), I.Kolyada, G.S.Litvinchuk (Odessa), Z.B.Tsaluk (Krasnodar).

In 1989 with the aid of the seminar participants the North Caucasus regional conference was held in Grozny, in which famous scientists from many cities of SSSR took part (Moscow, Leningrad, Novgorod, Odessa, Rostov-on-Don, Baku, Tashkent, Samara, etc.). Scientific research seminar “Integral-differential fraction type operators and their applications” was lead by the candidate of physical-mathematical sciences V.A.Chadaev. The thematic collection of scientific works is edited of the same title. The work in this field is carried with the support of the government of economics and finances of the Federal agency on education (project №1.2.05) in the framework of an analytical special departmental program called “The development of the scientific potential of higher school”.

At the present time, there are six chairs at the faculty: mathematical analysis, algebra and geometry, differential equations, mathematical methods in economic analysis, computational mathematics and mechanics, information technology.

The faculty of mathematics and computer technologies have a good materially-technical basis. Excellent conditions are created that allow effective study. There are great auditoriums for lectures and seminar activities. The study halls have good acoustics and illumination. There are laboratories for activities on computers. The facilities for sports activities are also available.

The members of the faculty maintain close relationships with the leading international and Russian organizations, scientific establishments and institutions. So, S.N. Askhabov, the dean of the faculty of mathematics and computer technology, is the member of the American mathematical society, state referee of the international journal “Mathematical reviews” and councilor-expert governing American biographical institute. Professor A.D. Khamzaev is the chairman of the department commission RF on UNESCO business in Chechen Republic, was granted a certificate and UNESCO memorable medal.

For the contributions to science and education professor K.G.Umarov received the name of an honored worker of the Chechen Republic science and professor S.N.Askhabov is proclaimed The man of the year-2004 by the American biographical institute. For the contributions to scientific and pedagogical work, huge input into highly qualified specialists S.N.Askhabov, K.K.Burchaev, V.I.Gishlarkaev, E.A.Egiants, E.M.Magomadov, and V.A.Chadaev were granted various gifts from the Ministry of education and science of RF. S.K.Soltahanov and K.G.Umarov are honored workers of the Chechen republic science.

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