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Faculty of History

The Faculty of History of the Chechen State University was founded in 1968. It is focused on preserving the best traditions of education, continuous development, and innovative activity.

Over the years, the department was headed by: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Hasbulatov Aslanbek Imranovich (1968 – 1997); Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Bagaev Musa Kharonovich (1997-2001), (2006-2008); Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Elbuzdukaeva Tamara Umarovna (2001 – 2006); Ph.D., associate professor Gelaeva Zara Alaudinovna (2008 – 2010); Ph.D., Professor Arsaliev Shavadi Madov-Hazhievich (2010 – 2015), D. and. Sci., Professor Vakha Khasakhanovich Magomayev (2015 – 2017). From October 6, 2017, the Acting Dean is Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Tovsultanov Rustam Alkhazurovich.

The faculty prepares bachelors in 4 areas of training: “History” (46.03.01); “Museology and protection of objects of cultural and natural heritage” (51.03.04); “Foreign Regional Studies” (41.03.01); “Cultural Studies” (March 5, 2001). Since 2013, they began training masters in the direction of training “History”.
The faculty has a postgraduate study in the following areas: “Domestic history” (07.00.02); “Universal History” (07.00.03); “Archeology” (07.00.06); “Historiography, source study and methods of historical research” (07.00.09).

In the structure of the faculty there are 5 departments: “New and Newest History”, “Domestic History and Political Science”, “History of the Peoples of Chechnya”, “History of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages”, “Museology and Cultural Studies”, Historical Museum of Local Lore (since April 2004), “Archaeological Laboratory” (since 2013).

The faculty:

  • Historical museum CSU;
  • Archaeological Laboratory.

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