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Faculty of History

The issue of bachelors and specialists carry out the following Department of the Faculty of History:
“Modern and Contemporary History” (Head. Of Chair, Professor Gapurov S. A.)
“History of Russia” (the manager. Chair, Professor Ibragimov MM)
“The history of the ancient world and the Middle Ages” (Head. Of Chair, Associate Professor Tsutsulaeva SS)
“The history of the Chechen people” (Head. Of Chair, Associate Professor Abdulvahabova B. B-A.)
“History, geopolitics and political science” (Head. Of Chair, Associate Professor Akhtaev AM)
“History of World Culture and Museology” (Head. Of Chair, Associate Professor Magamadov SS)
“Cultural Studies” (Head. Of Chair, Professor Mazaeva TA)
Faculty of History FGBOU IN “Chechen State University” is considered one of the provided by highly qualified specialists. At various times, the faculty led by Khasbulatov AI, Bagaev MH, Elbuzdukaeva TW, Gelaev ZA, Arsaliyev S. M-X. There are more than 10 well-known doctors in the Chechen Republic, in Russia and abroad. Teaching staff of the Faculty of History, in recent years, made significant progress in research activities.

The faculty:
Historical museum CSU;
Archaeological Laboratory.

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