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Faculty of Economics and Finance

Faculty of Economics and Finance was established in accordance with the decision of Chechen State University Academic Council in March 2012 as a result of merging two faculties: Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Finance and Economics. The first graduation of accountants on the Economics Faculty took place in 1976.

The Faculty structure includes 10 departments:

  • Banking
  • Accountancy and audit
  • Commerce and marketing
  • Mathematical methods for economic analysis
  • Taxes and taxation
  • Statistics and information systems in economics
  • Finance and credit
  • Industrial economics
  • Economic theory
  • Economic analysis

The Faculty trains undergraduate students on two main Programmes:

38.03.01 Economics:

  • Accountancy, analysis and audit
  • Finance and credit
  • Banking
  • Business statistics
  • Taxes and taxation
  • Mathematical methods in economics
  • Economic theory
  • Economics and management at the enterprise of agro-industrial complex
  • Commerce

10.07.00 Trade

Since 2014 the Faculty of Economics and Finance trains postgraduate students in the following areas:

  • Economics and management of the national economy;
  • Finance, monetary circulation and credit.

First postgraduate students in the areas specified above enrolled in 2014. 31 students passed exams.

The Faculty has more than 130 teachers, of whom 60% are candidates (Ph.D.) or doctors of science. Many famous scientists-economists from leading universities of Russia are invited at the initiative of the CheSU Rector Z. Saidov and are working at the departments of the Faculty. A number of people who hold key ministerial and departmental positions in the Chechen Republic are regularly invited to give public lectures. The scientists of the faculty participate in All-Russian and International scientific conferences, in the work of the educational-methodological board and of dissertation board as well.

The professional staff of the faculty for the last 3 years (2013-2015) has published over 30 monographs, 200 articles in the magazines indexed by international and Russian database Web of Science, Scopus, RINC.

At present, 4000 students, including over 1400 full-time students, study at the Faculty of Economics and Finance. The competition among entrants applying for bachelor degrees at the Faculty is traditionally still very high.

Each classroom has access to the Internet and multimedia interactive whiteboard for teaching support.

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