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Faculty of Biology and Chemistry

Biology and Chemistry Department of the Chechen-Ingush State University named after LN Tolstoy was founded in 1975 on the basis of natural-geographical faculty. The Faculty of Education students since the training was conducted in two specialties “Biology” and “Chemistry”, and the first as specialization was opened in 1987, and since 1989 a separate specialty: specialty “Microbiology”.
The Faculty employs 12 professors and 46 associate professors. Acting Dean of the Faculty is a Ph.D. Associate Professor Shuaipov Cairo Abdul Vahidovich. The faculty has six departments: four biological (Department of Botany, Zoology Department, Department of Anatomy and Human and Animal Physiology, Department of Cell Biology, morphology and microbiology), and two chemical (Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry). All of the department are issued. Biology and Chemistry Faculty has a good material and technical base, modern classrooms for laboratory and practical training, to give lectures. Faculty connected to the Internet resources.
Teachers and students of the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and research work is conducted on the basis of shared CSU “Biotechnology, biomedical, and environmental monitoring” of the Centre.
Employees of biology and chemistry faculty have close ties with leading educational and research institutions of the Russian Federation. VA Anzorov, RS Erzhapova, II Khasanov, MH Shamsutdinova, KA-B. Shuaipov, ZN Askhabov, A.M.Bathiev, encouraged by various awards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Head of the Czech Republic, the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Czech Republic.
Currently, the faculty trains 1286 students in two areas of bachelor: 06.03.01 “Biology” and 04.03.02 “Chemistry”.
The faculty has a post-graduate course in 4 specialties:. 06/06/01 (biological sciences), “Physiology”, “Developmental Biology, Embryology”, “Botany”, 04.06.01 (Chemical Science) “Inorganic chemistry”. The faculty Masters on two areas of training: 06.03.01 “Biology”, 04.04.01 “Inorganic chemistry”.

Structure of the Faculty
The Faculty has six departments. All departments are headed by professionals with advanced degrees
Botany Department: Head – PhD, associate professor Erzhapova RS .. In the department structure includes seminal laboratory, herbarium and botanical garden.
Department of Zoology and bio-ecology: Head – PhD Batha AM
Department of Physiology and anatomy of humans and animals: Head – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor VA Anzorov (Honorary Worker of Higher Education).
Department of Cell Biology, morphology and microbiology: Head Ph.D., Hasanov reeks Ishakovna.
Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Head – Ph.D., Associate Professor Khasanov II (Awarded a diploma of the Russian Ministry of Education).
Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry Head – Ph.D., Associate Professor KA Shuaipov (Awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, diploma of the CR Administration).
The staff of the Faculty of monographs, textbooks and manuals, with scientific and methodological value.
Faculty of Management
And about. Dean – Shuaipov Cairo Abdul Vahidovich;
Zam. Dean for Academic Affairs – Iriskhanova Zazu Imranovna;
Zam. dean for scientific and organizational work – Shamilev Said Ahmed C-X;
Zam. dean for education and social services. work – Molochaeva Ramin Lechievna;
Manager Dean’s Office – Dadaeva Petimat Mahmudovna;
Manager Dean’s Office – Molochaeva Ramin Lechievna;
Engineer – Software deanery – Shidiev SaydalhanSeydalievich;
Chairman of the trade union committee of faculty – Iriskhanova Zazu Imranovna;
Chairman of the stud. the trade union committee of faculty – Visalia Abdurahmanovich Islam.

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