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Department – Normal and topographic anatomy with operative surgery

The department of normal and topographic anatomy with operative surgery was organized in 1990 on the basis of Chechen State University Medical Faculty, which began its activities in the same year.

The first founder and head of the department was appointed an experienced teacher, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, Aushev Abdurakhman Khasanovich.

In connection with the hostilities in 1995, 1996, 1999, the department suspended its activities, then resumed. In 2000, the department resumed its activities. The department began its work with a “clean slate” in a dilapidated building. The head of the department was elected in 2000, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Buluyev Ayub Betirsultanovich. Buluyev A.B. makes efforts for the annual renewal of TCO, poster material, models. Periodically, the leadership of Chechen State University purchases educational literature, which is available in sufficient quantities and allows students to prepare for practical exercises. Currently, the department is located in the new educational building of the medical faculty, where a whole floor is allocated, where there are ten classrooms, two reading rooms, two sectional halls, operating units and four laboratories. Also in the department is an anatomical museum with natural products and models of organs. The department of Chechen State University has reached a new level of development, significantly increased the area for educational and scientific work. The department was replenished with demonstration equipment and equipment for scientific purposes. Since 2014, at the invitation of the Director of the Medical Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Idris Khasaevich Baysultanov, the Department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Kafarov Edgar Sabirovich. The department begins to successfully develop the student scientific circle and its museum section “Willis circle” (Elzhurkaeva L.R., Vagabov I.U., Isaev M.Kh., etc.). In the future, it is planned to create a 3D laboratory for the manufacture and continuous updating of the department with anatomical preparations, and for students of a digital training room with a 3D sensory anatomical table for virtual preparation of a corpse. Today the department of Chechen State University is equipped with modern digital equipment: multimedia installations and interactive whiteboards. Employees of the department are engaged in research work, regularly participating in scientific conferences and international congresses. Since 2017, the department for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel open postgraduate. Today, the main scientific directions of the department are age and type anatomy, sports morphology, ray and three-dimensional anatomy, as well as the impact of anthropogenic factors on the human body. Currently, the department meets all the necessary European standards.

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