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Institute of Agro-Technology

The history of Agro-technology Institute dates back to the year 1993 when it was established as a department of the Biochemical Faculty. The first student enrollment was conducted for horticulture and viticulture courses. In the further, the department of agricultural disciplines was transformed into Agro-technology Institute, which was led by candidate of agricultural science, Gishkaeva Lima Salmanovna. Since 2002, Batukaev Abdulmalik Abdulhamidovich (Doctor of Agricultural Science, professor, academician of the International Academy of Vine and Wine, Honored Worker of Science of the Chechen Republic) directs the Agro-technology Institute.

The Agro-technology Institute prepares specialists in the following courses: agricultural disciplines, the technology of production and processing of agricultural products, animal husbandry, agronomy, horticulture and viticulture, veterinary science and plant protection specialties.

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the economy of each state, as it is aimed at providing the population with food. In addition, agriculture provides a number of industries with various raw materials. The development and productivity of agriculture affect the balance of the state economy, the political situation in it, its food independence.

Agricultural specialists should have a high level of knowledge in various fields of science that will allow them to develop agriculture using new technologies and taking into account environmental safety.

On the shoulders of the Agrotechnological Institute of Chechen State University lies the staffing of the main branch of the regional economy – the agro-industrial complex of our republic. Graduates of the institute are expected not only in large agricultural complexes, but also in small farms, canning shops and veterinary clinics, greenhouses, nurseries, greenhouses, research, and educational institutes. The Institute of CSU has everything necessary for the organization of full-fledged educational and scientific work: specialized audiences, modern laboratories, multimedia classes. The institute is glad to see within its walls young people who are ready to serve the most peaceful profession on earth.


  • Agrotechnologies;
  • Veterinary medicine and zoo engineering;
  • Horticulture and viticulture;
  • The technology of production and processing of agricultural products

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