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About Groznyi

Grozny is a city in Russia, the capital of the Chechnya Republic, standing on both banks of the Sunzha River, the tributary of the Terek River.

The population of Grozny is about 283,700 (2015), the area – 324 sq. km.

The phone code – +7 8712, the postal codes – 364000-364099.

Grozny history

Grozny was founded in 1818, when the fortress Groznaya was built. It was the military outpost of the Russian Empire that played an important role during the Caucasian War. It was populated by the Terek Cossacks.

After the Caucasus War, in 1869, the settlement received the name Grozny (meaning “fearsome”). The town was growing slowly before the discovery of oil, happened in the beginning of the 20th century. Soon, Grozny became the center of the Russian oil fields in the Caucasus region.

During the Soviet times, Grozny was several times repopulated by Russians or by Chechens and Ingush. For example, before the World War II, the population of Grozny included a lot of Chechens and Ingush people, but, in 1944, almost all of them were deported to Kazakhstan and Siberian regions of the USSR for “collaboration” with Nazi Germany.

Grozny features

Grozny city climate is temperate continental with mild winters, long and hot summers. The city is not protected from the cold northern winds, and therefore, in contrast to the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region, winters are colder here. The average temperature in January is -3.2 degrees Celsius, in July – +23.9 degrees C.

Large-scale reconstruction of the city was carried out in recent years. The airport “Grozny” offers flights to Moscow.

The main objects of the cultural life of Grozny:

  • Grozny Russian Drama Theater named after M. Lermontov (Kirov Avenue, 13a),
  • Chechen State Drama Theater named after Kh. Nuradilov (Esambaev Avenue, 9),
  • Chechen State Theater for Young People (Staropromyslovskoye Highway, 36),
  • Chechen State Youth Theater Serlo (Theater Square, 1/75),
  • The State Symphony Orchestra of the Chechen Republic,
  • The National Library of the Chechen Republic (at the intersection of Dagestan (Ugryumov) Street and Lorsanov Street),
  • The Republican Children’s Library of the Chechen Republic (part of the National Library),
  • The National Museum of the Chechen Republic (Lorsanov Street),
  • Chechen State Philharmonic (Theater Square, 1/75).

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